6 Super Easy Ways to Get Fan Support and Maximize Your Fundraising Profits in 2018.

Maximize Fundraising Profits

Make 2018 the year of your easiest, most profitable fundraiser ever with these six stress-free methods to maximize profit.

1. Get your Participants Amped Up

Participants who are energized to sell will go above and beyond your expectations. Offer an incentive like keeping their sample Tumbler if they meet their fundraising goal or a group goal like a movie night. Check out these 6 tips to increase fundraising participation.

2. Extend your Reach with Social Media.

You are on Facebook pretty much every day, right? So is everyone else. Let your social circle know what your group is up to with your fundraising efforts. Be sure to include your fundraising goal and what you are raising money for to have the most impact on your crew. Include the link to your unique online store to get support from friends and family across the country. Check out our Social Media Tools and Program Promotional Images in our Toolkit to post with your link.

3. Offer a Product that Stands Out from the Crowd.

Cookie dough, chocolate and pizza kits will wreak havoc on your supporters’ 2018 resolutions. It’s time to offer up something unique and different. With over 500 designs, there is a drinkware set for everyone. Plus, with our design additions throughout the year and drinkware customization options, your supporters are bound to come back for more!

4. Skip the Catalog

Tired of remembering who sold what to who? Pick a program that skips the stress and dumps the catalog. With our cutting-edge program, your participants simply sell easy-to-carry Fundraising Cards. No more lugging around multi-page catalogs and order forms. Your supporters redeem the code on the back of the cards online for their favorite drinkware set and all tumbler sets are shipped direct to their doorsteps, so you can say goodbye to distribution headaches!

5. Have a Short Sales Cycle

There’s nothing worse than a fundraiser that drags on and on. With our new approach to fundraising, your group can start, run and have your profits in-hand in only two weeks! And maximize your earnings by running an Express Program during non-traditional fundraising seasons. It’s a quick, easy and profitable approach any time of year!

6. Sell Less. Make More.

Have a big fundraising goal, but not a lot of participants? No problem. Maximize your profits with Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising’s easy-to-sell Fundraising Card. You’ll earn a whopping $6 profit per card sold which is 12x more per sale than other programs, like chocolate bars. With these profits, even small groups can reach their fundraising goals!

Ryan Dailey