Back to Business

Everywhere you look it’s all about “Back to School”. But for most families, this time of year is about so much more. It’s actually about getting back to business, which can be a big adjustment for everyone. And ready or not, here it comes!

Back to School

Reestablishing a Routine
Getting everyone out the door on time and to bed at night is no small feat. Especially after months of a more laid back summer schedule. And for younger kids, the attentiveness required for a full day of school can be really tough in the beginning. TIPS: Make sure everyone gets to bed early, preferably already showered for the day ahead, with lunches packed and clothes laid out. Plan for nutritious, but super easy, dinners for the first few weeks, so the family has plenty of time for homework and some fun, quality time.

Budgeting for Supplies and Wardrobe
Between purchasing all the supplies requested by the school, wardrobes to fit your growing children and maybe a cool “must-have” item or two to ring in the new year, late summer/early fall can be really tough on the wallet. TIPS: Space out your wardrobe purchases by settling on a few “Indian Summer” items to get them through the early fall and scoop up the warmer clothes later. Or consider getting some gently used items on consignment. And definitely focus on staples like tennis shoes, jeans, shirts for layering, etc. vs. novelty items that won’t get as much wear.

Facing Changes and New Challenges
With a new school year, comes a new grade level and maybe even a new school, which means change and new challenges both in your children’s development and in the curriculum they’ll be covering. Exciting for some and incredibly overwhelming for others. TIPS: Use this “new beginning” as an opportunity to look into the physical and mental development you might expect in the months ahead, such as growing pains and changes in attitude. And be sure to get to know the teachers, school officials and any new policies or procedures so you can help your kids stay on track.

In addition to the tips above, one of the best things you can do during the “back to school” period of adjustment is focus on the FUN – learning new things, connecting with new and old friends and enjoying the fall including football season with the family!

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