Coaches Corner: Tony Overpeck

Coaches Corner Tony Overpeck

Looking at our “team” at Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising, we have a lot of former and active coaches on our staff that know first-hand the need for, and struggles with, fundraising for a youth sports team.  So, we’re launching a Coaches Corner series to give you their valuable perspectives.

First up is Tony Overpeck, a Texas tackle football, basketball and 7-on-7 coach, who ran a highly successful “cups fundraiser” and was so sold on the program that he decided to start selling it! He’s now a Senior Sales Representative in the South and Southwest.

What types of things does your team(s) typically fundraise to cover, e.g. equipment?

We fundraise for the best, safest equipment to ensure the best possible experience for the kids. Our registrations cover less than ½ of our actual costs. We also fundraise to improve our facilities, we offer each team practice fields, game fields, all their practice equipment, paid officials, first class uniforms and coaches training.

What sports did you play?

Football, basketball, baseball

Why do you think DDF is a good fundraising choice for youth sports teams?

As a director on the board of my league, we needed to fundraise, but didn’t want to sell food or over-priced junk. If we were going to sell that stuff, we might as well ask parents for more money directly and not have to deal with a fundraiser. We saw the cups at a USA Football State Forum and were impressed with the quality and large number of choices. We decided to run a product fundraiser after much discussion. We hoped to replace car washes and BBQ plate sales that were very labor intensive and yielded about $2,000. We would spend 8-10 hours in a parking lot of restaurant with 10-20 people. That is about 200 man hours to make $2,000. Pretty small return for so much effort. With the cups fundraiser, we just passed out materials to our Team Moms and told them in a meeting what we were doing. We set a goal of $2,500 and spending our time more efficiently. The first year, I think we made around $10,000 - 4 times our goal with way less work and our parents loved the cups.

What fundraising advice can you give other coaches?

My advice to other coaches is to consider how much time, effort and volunteers you are willing to invest in your fundraiser. If other programs take time away from your athletes and tend to irritate parents and volunteers, do the Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising Express Program. It certainly solved all those issues for us. Also, make sure the fundraiser is something your team will want to sell. Our kids and parents loved that we’re a football organization and the cups came in NFL teams. The same goes for baseball and MLB teams and colleges for all other types of youth sports.

Ryan Dailey