Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising's New Spin on SpiritCups

Like with all good stories, let’s start at the beginning, when in 2004 a company called BRAX Fundraising became the first to license powerful sports brands to help youth organizations fundraise. Their lenticular SpiritCups™, officially licensed with the mass appeal of the NFL, MLB®, NHL®, top colleges and the U.S. Military, went on to become a school and sports fundraiser favorite.


Around the same time, in 2006, Dynamic Drinkware™, LLC was established and quickly became the nation’s leading stadium souvenir drinkware provider for pro sports teams and major sporting events like the World Series and Super Bowls. As a company who already designed, manufactured and distributed officially licensed drinkware, the youth fundraising space seemed like the perfect new venture. And so in 2016, Dynamic Drinkware™, LLC, acquired select assets of Brax, Ltd, more commonly known as BRAX Fundraising. 

Fast forward two years and what became the new Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising is revolutionizing the industry with solutions for all the pain points of traditional fundraising, as well as new products and up to 16x more profit than other programs. There is no distribution, sorting or delivery. Participants simply sell Fundraising Cards that supporters redeem online for their favorite set of drinkware and all orders ship directly to their doorsteps. And new in 2018, every fundraising group gets a free custom cup design to offer their supporters in their free custom store and every participant gets a free sample tumbler to showcase the product.

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Kaylie O'Connor