Dos and Don’ts of Fall Fundraising

Dos and Dont's of Fundraising

DO start your fundraiser at the beginning of the season/school year when parent involvement and athlete/student participation is at its highest. 

DO send fundraising info home to parents along with other official paperwork, so fundraising is viewed as another important responsibility to help your team or school.

DON’T run your fundraiser for too long. A short, 2-3 week timeframe creates a great buzz and sense of urgency, which pushes both participants to sell and supporters to purchase before it’s too late. 

DON’T be afraid to over communicate. To stay top-of-mind, remind parents and participants throughout your fundraiser with PA announcements, emails, social media, signage and more.

DO make it personal. Tell supporters why you are fundraising or how their contribution will help. If possible, chose a fundraiser that offers personalized team or school gear like custom cups.

DON’T compete with other groups in your community. In the fall everyone is fundraising, so to maximize profits, offer something unique, especially if you’re doing a product-based program.

DO set (attainable) participant goals and incentivize. Create can-do attitudes, instill confidence and reach your goal quicker by encouraging everyone to do their part with a straightforward goal.

DON’T limit your reach. Most families’ networks extend beyond your community, so pick a program that allows you to sell online through email and social media and ship directly to supporters.

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