Food 4 Fuel - A Healthy Approach to Giving Back

Food 4 Fuel

Recently we created custom tumblers for Food 4 Fuel, a company focused on providing delicious meals to promote healthy eating habits. Founder Jim McIlroy and his crew of staff and volunteers recently took some time to provide meals to those who are less fortunate.

This is all in an effort to make Rockford Illinois rank in the top 25 for healthiest cities. #25by2025 is the hashtag that Jim created to promote his effort. Over the course of 7 years, Jim has lost 69 pounds due to healthy eating and exercise and he wants to spread healthy living habits, starting in Rockford.

In the News

  • WIFR (12/13/2017) - Food 4 Fuel is partnering with another local business, Meg's Daily Grind, to find even more ways to help its mission. Special mugs can be purchased for $10 at any Meg's Daily Grind location, and all proceeds go toward meals for the less fortunate. Read more and watch the video
  • WREX (11/20/2017) - Check out this video from which covers this inspiring story.
Jim McIlroy for Food 4 Fuel