Four Fun Fourth of July Facts

Everyone knows the Fourth of July is for franks and fireworks! But do you know these fun facts?

  1. The patriotic song, “Yankee Doodle” was originally sung by British military officers prior to the Revolution to mock the American colonists who fought alongside them during the French and Indian Wars.
  2. Two of our greatest national symbols were made overseas. The Liberty Bell was cast in England and the Statue of Liberty in France.
  3. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are responsible for the bald eagle as our national bird. Benjamin Franklin wanted it to be a turkey.
  4. The youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence was Edward Rutledge at age 26 and the oldest was Benjamin Franklin at age 70. 

We are closed today, July 4, 2018, in observation of Independence Day. Have a happy and safe holiday!



Kaylie O'Connor