Thanks Crissy!

Thank you Crissy #LoveYourTumbler

Thank you Crissy #LoveYourTumbler

Recently we had a supporter from a local fundraiser write in about her Full-Image™ Tumbler. We truly appreciate the kind words and feedback. Thank you Crissy!

I just had to tell you - I’ve spent a FORTUNE over the years on Tupperware cups and Tervis cups.  The Tervis cups all ultimately failed!  Now that I have the Full-Image™ Tumblers, I can see just how much better these are!!  I have washed my travel cup and lid daily for many months, and it is just as it was the first time I used it.  I also really love the team tumblers and have given them as gifts to others who also enjoy the quality.  I am a customer for life.  These tumblers are amazing!  Thanks! 

Wilmington, NC

Ryan Dailey