Fundraising Incentives

Fundraising Incentives

Fundraising incentives for participants have a bad rap, especially among parents, but the reality
is they’re proven to increase profits by up to 52%. So, if you can’t afford to do without them, what
are some options that everyone can get behind?

Pick on Principal – Kids get a kick out of people of authority like principals, teachers and
coaches in silly situations. So, consider something like a dunk tank for the principal
where every kid who reaches their goal gets a throw or make the coach wear a clown
costume if the entire group reaches their goal.

Parties, Parties, Parties – An excuse to miss a little class time or get the team together
outside of practice - what kid doesn’t love a good party? You can do school or league-
wide or incentivize individual classrooms and teams to work together to earn a special
party. Kid-friendly, low-cost ideas include pizza, ice cream sundaes, movie and snacks
and sno-cones.

Sway with Swag – School or team swag, like t-shirts, cinch bags and custom cups, make
for really affordable prizes for participants who reach their goal. Plus, it showcases
school or team pride when used within the community, so parents will be happy to help
their kids sell the required number of items.

Fuel them with a Freebie - Not many product fundraisers offer samples to help sell
supporters, but Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising provides groups with FREE sample Full-
Image® Tumblers for every participant
. These freebies can also be used as an exciting, no-cost incentive. For example, sell five Fundraising Cards (generating $40 in profit), keep your sample

So, chuck the tchotchkes and do away with the “arcade” schemes, a la sell 1 million items get an
Xbox, and use fundraising incentives that really work!

Ryan Dailey