Guide to Fundraising Merchandise for Schools and Youth Sports


One of the best ways for schools and youth sports teams to earn a little (or a lot of) extra cash is by selling personalized merchandise. Between family members and community supporters, groups have no shortage of customers, and a lot of fundraising merchandise is low-cost, so it’s a small investment to get started.


  • Set up a table or booth at open house and registration

  • Sell through concessions at games and other big events

  • Stock in school storefront

  • Sell online from your website or team pro shop

  • Feature as a gift in the holiday store


  • Apparel like t-shirts – Depending on the item, stock both youth and adult sizes

  • Accessories like travel tumblers – Great for parents and community supporters

  • Houseware like throw blankets or drinkware – Consider a range of price points

  • Game day items like stadium chairs and car flags – Great for showing team spirit

  • School supplies like notebooks and pens – Easy, lost-cost items


  • Quantity Minimums and Price Tiers – Depending on the size of your community, you may want to look for merchandise with lower quantity minimums like 100-200 vs. 1000. And be wary of advertised prices, as often they’re the lowest tier pricing for the highest quantity ordered, which hardly anyone ever qualifies for.

  • Quality of Design – You can upload your logo and personalize just about anything. But the coolest merchandise is professionally designed just for you like custom drinkware from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising – the same company who designs souvenir cups for pro stadiums and major sporting events.

  • Customer Service – Questions about different types merchandise or want to quickly reorder a big seller? You better get your gear from a company known for good communication and customer service, as well as high customer satisfaction.

 Has your school or sports team invested in personalized fundraising merchandise?

Kaylie O'Connor