Think Outside the “Toy Box” Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas.jpg

The most special gifts come from the heart, not a toy store, and often don’t cost a lot of money. See below for inspiration on ideas with special thought and care:

  • Coupon book for special experiences, e.g. stay up past bedtime
  • Gift card to a favorite restaurant or store
  • Photo album of special pictures
  • Second hand clothes, jewelry and accessories for playing dress-up
  • Handwritten poem or story, even better if it’s framed or bound
  • Classes to pursue a passion, e.g. voice lessons
  • Memberships around a specific interest, e.g. a science museum
  • Magazine subscriptions, e.g. Sports Illustrated Kids for an athlete
  • Event or concert tickets, e.g. to see their favorite team play
  • Personalized stationary and name labels for belongings

What was the most special gift you received during your childhood?

Shelby Churchill