Guide to Fast Fundraising

Fast Fundraising

The faster the fundraiser, the better for everyone. Because a sense of urgency keeps participants focused and encourages your community to "act now" and show their support before it's too late.  Ready to reach your fundraising goals faster and easier? Here's how: 

  1. Spread the Love - Fundraising events are great, but they're one-and-done. So what if you don't get a good turnout and therefore don't reach your goal? That's why product fundraisers with 2-3 weeks of selling time and incentives to increase participation have the potential for higher profit. 
  2. Quick Start - Pick a program that is simple to explain to participants and parents to avoid confusion and questions that distract everyone from getting started. You can also find programs with very little "stuff" (ugh, sooo many boxes of chocolate bars) that has to be handed out to participants before they can start selling.
  3. Straightforward Sale - Waiting while a supporter sifts through a catalog takes time away from another sale and it's awkward for the person being watched. Imagine this instead, "Would you like to buy a $25 Fundraising Card to support my softball team? You redeem it online for your favorite set of tumblers and they're shipped right to your house." 
  4. No Sorting or Distribution - The quickest fundraising programs are the ones that stop after the sales have been made. That means no backend sorting of products that participants then have to distribute to all their supporters. In-hand programs, like chocolate bars, and our Fundraising Cards are two examples. 
Kaylie O'Connor