How to Run a High Profit Fundraiser


Shoot for the stars with your next fundraiser and reach higher profits than you thought possible with these four helpful tips.

  1. Plan for Perfect Timing - First, take into consideration when other groups in your area will be running their programs to avoid fundraising fatigue within your community. If possible, be one of the first “to market” to entice more supporters. Also, think about the seasonality of things like holiday gift-giving and if, for example, you’re selling something like NFL tumblers, the start of football season.

  2. Factor in Product, Price and Profit - Next, be sure you know your audience! Ask yourself questions like, “what fundraisers have been successful in your area in the past?” and “what type of new fundraising product might appeal to your community?” At the same time, weigh the price, or commitment you’re asking of supporters, against the profit you earn from each sale. The sweet spot will be unique to your group and your community!

  3. Excite More Participants - Key to a high profit fundraiser is the number of students/athletes you have actively selling. To excite more participants, start with a high energy kickoff that clearly outlines why you’re fundraising, how the program works, the timeline and how many items or how much money everyone needs to sell to reach your overall goal. As always, group and/or participant incentives can be a great motivation.

  4. Maintain the Momentum - Lastly, make annoucements to participants and send reminders to parents throughout the fundraiser to keep your goal top-of-mind. Use social media and signage at events or around town to help promote your fundraiser to community supporters. Also, be sure to address questions and concerns in a timely manner to avoid confusion that might deter participation.

Easier said than done, right? For additional help with planning and running a high profit fundraiser, call 888-825-9339 or click here.

Kaylie O'Connor