In Defense of School Fundraisers

Recently, an Alabama school made news with a witty fundraising 'opt out' letter that gives parents the opportunity to pay to have the PTO "forget my name and my face." If you side with this school and you're sick of fundraisers, we ask you to please hear us out. There are good reasons why most schools still do traditional fundraising...

Opportunity to Educate

Participating in a fundraiser teaches students valuable life lessons including responsibility, confidence, gumption and accountability. Having their parents pay to "make it go away" communicates the opposite.

Inclusion for All

Between back-to-school purchases and other expenses, not every family can afford to cut the school a check. So fundraising is a great way to ensure every student can feel they are contributing in some way.

Sense of Community

Fundraising is a "team sport" that rallies a school around a common cause and goal. It also encourages support from your community, friends and family, which can amount to a lot of people and higher total profits. 

Accessibility to Unique Products 

The best fundraising programs are the ones that sell products only available through fundraisers like DDF's line of tumblers that include personalized NFL and custom school designs. Give supporters something special, and not just "stuff"!

Kaylie O'Connor