Priced for More Sales and Higher Profits

New Fundraising Card Pricing Breakdown

Since launching our Express and Direct Fundraising Card programs in August 2017, the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Groups love the simplicity of selling cards and the time-savings from our one-of-a-kind home delivery! But some groups have also suggested that $25.00 per card is too costly for some supporters. Taking that valuable feedback into mind, as of August 6, 2018 – just in time for fall fundraising – we’re reducing the price of our Fundraising Cards to $20.00 per card! So what does that mean for your group?

  • Priced-to-sell, so you can excite more supporters.
  • Higher sales, so you reach your fundraising goal quicker.
  • 40% profit for each set of Full-Image® Tumblers sold.
  • Convenient home delivery to supporters included in their purchase price.

For questions or concerns, call 888-825-9339 and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help!

Ryan Dailey