7 Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy


It’s said that the average kid eats 3 cups of sugar on Halloween - that’s almost 16 times the daily maximum recommendation from the American Heart Association. Just imagine the damage when the leftover loot lingers around for weeks after! Anxious to see it go…like yesterday? Here are 7 fast fixes:

  • Make Halloween Candy Brownies - Because eggs are dairy and dairy is healthy, right? Get the recipe >

  • Donate, Donate, Donate - There are lots of places, or people, that might appreciate some free, sweet treats. For example:

    • Hospitals - hello nursing stations and family waiting rooms.

    • Fire and Police Stations - a small price to pay for their protection.

    • Teachers - Some teachers reward students for doing something above-and-beyond with a little treat and/or include candy in gift bags around the holidays. The less money out of their pockets, the better!

    • Food Pantries - Though not nutritious, many food pantries will also accept sweets like candy.

  • Check Halloween Candy Buy Back - enter your zip code at http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com for local businesses in your area, like dentists offices, that offer rewards for leftover candy. If that’s not incentive enough, the candy is often sent overseas to our troops.

  • Institute the good ole’ Switch Witch - The concept is simple. Have your kids package all their candy and leave it out overnight. When they wake up in the morning, a small toy is in its place!

  • Save it for the Holidays - A lot of Halloween candy makes for great gingerbread decoration and stocking stuffers!

  • Use it for Art Projects or Science Experiments - You can get lost on Pinterest looking at “candy crafts” and here are some fun candy experiment ideas.

  • Include in Care Packages - Ask around for a list of college students and/or service men and women from your area who might appreciate a little pick-me-up and send them some candy and a nice card in a care package.

Just remember before you make it ALL go away, to pocket a few pieces for yourself!

Kaylie O'Connor