Seven Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

Seven Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

Kids are out of school until after the New Year. Now what? Make the most of your time together with these seven indoor/outdoor activities and outings for the whole family!

  • Classic Movies Marathon – Who needs special effects when you have a great plot and awesome cast? Plan a movie marathon with some of mom and dad’s favorites from their childhood. The more popcorn and candy the better!

  • Stock the Freezer – There are never too many cooks in the kitchen when you’re assembling freezer meals for the months ahead. Pick a few recipes, get some disposable containers and simply assign everyone a job!

  • Make Room for New – Cleaning out closets and toy chests is a dreaded chore for most kids…unless, of course, they’re making room for all the new toys and clothes from the holidays. So, put them to work purging while you’ve got their attention!

  • Make Memories Moving – Take the family to a nearby skating rink, trampoline park, indoor pool or other fun aerobic outing! Is it snowy outside? Go sledding. Live where it’s warm? Go for a hike. The only prerequisite – you must move!

  • Spa Day – Cucumber slices. Check. Homemade face masks. Check. Nail polish. Check. Now all you need for a fabulous spa day is a tub with bath salts and sugar scrub for DIY foot soak, tea and some cookies. Foot massages optional.

  • Schedule a Skype or FaceTime Date – Thanks to the power of technology, you can (virtually) visit with someone anywhere in the world! So, schedule a Skype or FaceTime call with family and friends you haven’t talk to in a while and make sure everyone shows their face!

  • Volunteer in the Community – With sports and school it can be hard to find time for extracurriculars like volunteering. That’s why winter break is a great time to take the kids to help out a local community resource like a soup kitchen or food pantry.

Ryan Dailey