Ten Halloween Tricks and Treats

Don’t wait until Halloween night. Get your family in the spirit in the weeks leading up to the “main event” with these ten tricks and treats.


  • Brrr Bug Cubes - freeze plastic bugs in an ice cube tray and give them a little surprise when you kindly offer to refill their glass.

  • Message in the Mirror - write a silly or scary, like “I’m watching you!”, message in their bedroom or bathroom mirror.

  • Gotcha Candy Onions - make them yummy caramel “apples” using onions and then watch from afar as they take a big bite!

  • “My Milk” Severed Hand - buy a severed hand from a Halloween prop store and have it grasp the milk jug handle for a quick scare.

  • Toilet Paper Spider - Unroll the toilet paper, add a hand drawn spider with a black marker and roll it back up again. Then just listen for a shriek from your next bathroom guest.


Kaylie O'Connor