Tips for Being the Best High School Sports Fan


One of the most fun (and rewarding) ways to get involved with your community is to support a local high school sports team. Here are five tips to help you become one of their #1 fans! 

  1. Show Team Spirit – Wearing your team colors to the games is a given, but you can also show your support on an everyday basis while out and about in your community with car decals, coffee tumblers and more!
  2. Support their Efforts – Many teams run fundraisers and earn additional profit throughout the season from the sale of concessions and fan gear. Every dollar counts and shows your team that you care!
  3. Rally the Crowd – Help make game nights special by tailgating with other parents/fans, making stadium signs and leading the crowd in team chants or cheers. Win or lose, the players will appreciate the energy!
  4. Encourage Sportsmanship – Set a good example for younger fans by keeping your chants and signs positive vs. derogatory. And be respectful and welcoming to the other team regardless of the outcome!
  5. Keep your Cool – It’s okay to be a little competitive and get excited, but remember that it’s only a game, the players are only teenagers, the coaches have the team’s best interest in mind and the officials are only human! 
Kaylie O'Connor