Tips for Productive Team Meetings


Parent leadership teams are the heart and soul of sports and school groups. Ensure your upcoming meetings are productive and to-the-point with these helpful tips.

Pick the Perfect Time

Prior to your first team meeting, poll members for their availability, so you find a time and date that works for (most) everyone. Tip: go ahead and get set-up with a conferencing software like GoToMeeting in case members need to attend “virtually”.

Promote to increase participation

Use email and/or group messaging apps like GroupMe to announce meeting dates and send reminders as the day approaches. Tip: highlight key items on the agenda to preface what will be discussed. 

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Study your group’s bylaws, make a detailed agenda, set-up appropriate seating in your meeting space and be prompt with your start time. Tip: Give each agenda item a time allotment and have someone help keep on schedule by announcing, e.g. "five minutes until we move onto the next agenda item.”

be positive

No one “likes” meetings, but they’re important to ensure everyone is on the same page. So keep the tone positive by acknowledging concerns or complaints, but helping the team work towards solutions and nurturing both veteran and new members’ ideas. Tip: refreshments, even something as simple as hard candy, can “sweeten” the experience.

prove follow-through

Use your preferred communication method to update members when meeting items discussed have since been addressed to show productivity and keep everyone engaged. Tip: Provide a handout at the start of every meeting with a “Since we Last Met” summary.

Kaylie O'Connor