What Makes a Great Sports Fundraiser

Between registration dues, uniforms and equipment, travel and operational costs, fundraising is a must for many youth sports teams. But what actually makes for a great sports fundraiser? Hint: it’s not chocolate bars!

Sports Fundraiser.png


  1. High Profit Potential – To reach your goal, you need to make each sale count and the best way to do that is with higher profit. With DDF, you make $8.00 profit per pack sold – that’s up to 16x more than chocolate fundraising.   
  2. Easy to Sell – Kids of all ages should be able to participate like with DDF’s easy-to-carry Fundraising Cards that once you sell, you’re done! Supporters redeem their cards online for their favorite set of tumblers and we ship everything directly to their doorsteps. No bulky boxes of chocolate that will melt if you’re not careful!
  3. Sports-Minded – To gain support from people who believe in your mission, you need a fundraiser that believes in your mission! DDF’s tumblers are available in America’s favorite teams, including a custom design featuring your team logo, and running our program is easy, so you can focus on what matters – providing a positive youth sports experience.  

So, save the chocolate for Valentine’s Day and let DDF set you up with a successful sports fundraiser! 

Shelby Churchill