Sell Cards. Collect Money. DONE!

The fast, hassle-free fundraiser You've been looking for

Full-Image™ Tumblers

Time is money, so you need a fundraiser that’s fast, fun and easy like our Express Program that can be run in just two weeks from start to finish!

  • Fundraising Cards that are easy to carry and require no storage! Redeemed online for Full-Image™ Tumblers in over 500 designs.
  • Shipped directly to supporters’ doorsteps, so there is no distribution or delivery! 
  • Generating $6.00 profit for every $20.00 Fundraising Card sold. That’s up to 12x more profit per sale than candy!

It’s a new, revolutionary approach and it’s only from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising.

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Our team is excited to help you get started!

Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising Customer Service Team Oshkosh