Fundraising Questions

Q: How much profit will my group earn?

A: Please see the profit chart below.

Profit Chart 2019

Q: How much do we charge our supporters for the cups?

A: Please refer to the Sale Price in the table above.

Q: What do our supporters get when they redeem their Fundraising Cards?

A: Your supporters will receive a set of tumblers in a design of their choice in one of the following configurations:

Configuration 1: Four Pack - (4) - 22 oz Tumblers

Configuration 2: Drinkware Set - One (1) - 22 oz Tumbler, One (1) - 16 oz Insulated Tumbler with Lid, One (1) - 50 oz Stadium Tumbler

Configuration 3: Two Pack - (2) - 16 oz Insulated Tumblers with Lids

Q: How long does a typical product-based fundraiser last?

A: A typical product-based fundraiser lasts for 2-3 weeks. This time frame creates a sense of urgency and can lead to increased sales since there is only a limited amount of time to purchase.

Q: Are there any upfront costs?

A: No. Please see the notes below per program.

HD Catalog Program: Your group will pay for your order after your fundraiser is complete and your turn in all order forms.
Express Program: From the time you submit your Fundraiser Reservation Form, your group has 30 days to pay for the number of Fundraising Cards ordered. Your group will sell Fundraising Cards for $20.00 each and you will keep $6.00 profit per Fundraising Card sold. Your group will remit payment of $14.00 per Fundraising Card to Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising.
Custom Store or Online-Only Program: All payment is made securely online and your group doesn’t handle collecting payment.

Q: What sales materials do you provide?

A: Please see the breakdown by program below:
HD Catalog Program: Catalogs, Order Forms and Collection Envelopes.
Express Program: Fundraising Cards, Card Carriers and Collection Envelopes.

Q: What about selling online and to supporters outside of my community?

A: We provide groups with unique links to their custom online fundraising store to share via website, email and social media, as well as the ability for participants to sign-up as sellers and receive their own unique links. All sales attributed to your group and participants are easily trackable and all orders ship directly to your supporters.

Q: When do I receive my profit check for my online fundraiser sales?

A: Profit checks for sales from online fundraisers are mailed by the 20th of the month following the month that your online fundraiser ends in. For example, if your online fundraiser ends April 15, 2019, your profit check will be mailed to you by May 20, 2019. ***It is very important that you provide accurate information on your reservation form for the name to make the check out to and the mailing address to mail the profit check to. If your group has an unpaid invoice for a catalog, card or custom cup order, we will not be able to release the online profit check until that invoice has been paid in full.**

Q: How long does it take for supporters to receive their order redeemed online with their Fundraising Cards?

A: From the time of redemption, the tumblers will ship in 3 weeks to your supporters.

Q: How many custom cup designs do I receive for my custom store?

A: Your group will receive (1) custom cup design and (1) opportunity to revise the design before approval and publication to your online store.

Q: Can I return Fundraising Cards that I don’t sell after my fundraiser is complete?

A: As of January 1, 2019, we will not accept unsold Fundraising Cards to be returned at the end of the fundraiser. We recommend ordering a conservative amount of cards (i.e. 3-5 cards per active participant) at the start of your fundraiser. We can always send you more Fundraising Cards if you sell out. Use our social media image kit in our toolkit to promote your online fundraiser.

Q: Can I run an online fundraiser with the HD Catalog Program or the Express Program?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you do so to increase your sales potential.

Custom Tumbler Design Policy

Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising offers a custom design with every fundraising program. In order to continue to offer this service, we have we have established the following policy:

  1. A single custom design will be offered for a $20 deposit to each fundraising group. For example, if a school offers a school-wide fundraiser, the school will receive one (1) custom tumbler design to offer in their online fundraising store. Each additional requested design will be charged a $40.00 set up fee per design which is payable in advance.

  2. If multiple groups within a school or organization run a separate fundraiser for each group, each group will receive a single custom design at no charge. For example, if a football team, a cheer team, a band, and a baseball team all have separate fundraisers but belong to the same school, each group will get one free tumbler design. Additional designs are charged a $40.00 set up fee per design which is payable in advance.

  3. In the same vein, leagues that host a single league-wide fundraiser and have several teams will receive one free design for the league. Each individual team within the league can have their team logo incorporated in the one free design offered to the league. Each additional individual design for a specific team will be charged a $40.00 set up fee per design which is payable in advance. If an individual team runs a fundraiser and it is not associated with a league-wide fundraiser, that individual team will receive a free tumbler design.

  4. All groups have one opportunity to revise their free design after the initial design is emailed for review. Revision requests that exceed the first revision request will incur a $20 charge per revision. It is highly recommended that groups make all necessary revision requests in one email to avoid subsequent charges.

  5. The $20 deposit will be refunded if your group sells 10 or more items through your online fundraiser.

Our Drinkware

Q: Can you tell me a little about your drinkware?

A: Our tumblers are high quality drinkware featuring top-to-bottom designs. Our tumblers use Protected INK® technology, so your drinkware is proven to withstand over 100 dishwashing cycles, with no signs of scratching, scuffing, discoloration or fading. Our tumblers are BPA-free, FDA approved and are manufactured in our food safe facility in Oshkosh, WI.

Q: What designs are available with your drinkware?

A: For our tumblers, we offer designs in all 32 National Football League (NFL) teams, all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB®) teams, top college teams, all 5 branches of the U.S. Military, as well as Realtree® and Lifestyle designs to please a variety of interests.

Q: What tumbler product configurations are available to our supporters?

  • Configuration 1: Four Pack - (4) - 22 oz Tumblers

  • Configuration 2: Drinkware Set - One (1) - 22 oz Tumbler, One (1) - 16 oz Insulated Tumbler with Lid, One (1) - 50 oz Stadium Tumbler

  • Configuration 3: Two Pack - (2) - 16 oz Insulated Tumblers with Lids

Q: Can your drinkware be purchased in retail stores?

A: Unlike other product-based fundraisers, our tumblers are not available in retail stores, so your supporters will only be able to purchase our unique drinkware through your fundraisers.

Q: Are your tumblers dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, our tumblers are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Q: Are your tumblers microwavable?

A: No, we do not recommend using our products in the microwave.

Q: Are your tumblers made in America?

A: Yes, our tumblers are proudly made in the USA. When supporters purchase drinkware or Fundraising Cards from your fundraiser they are not only supporting your group, but also American manufacturing.

Q: I purchased a souvenir tumbler at a professional sports game and it has Dynamic Drinkware™ molded on the bottom. Are you the same company?

A: Yes, Dynamic Drinkware™, the leader in stadium souvenir drinkware, is our parent company and manufactures our tumblers for the fundraising branch, Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising™. Dynamic Drinkware™ has manufactured souvenir tumblers for the Super Bowl, PGA Open, Kentucky Derby, college football stadiums and many other premiere events.

Q: Can your products be frozen?

A: No, it is not recommended that our products be frozen.

Q: Are other professional sports or college teams available?

A: We are often asked why we do not offer certain colleges, NBA teams, NASCAR drivers or other sports licenses. Our decision to add new teams is a detailed process that involves the analysis of a given market, our customers ability to sell the teams across the country and the costs associated with additional licensing. We collect requests over the course of the year and our product development team meets annually to conduct the analysis and make additional licensing decisions.

We can’t make any promises, but generally, the more requests we receive, the better the chance of us adding the team. If you would like to make a request, please contact our Customer Care team through our website or call 888-825-9339.

Returns & Exchanges Policy

You may return and exchange products with your sales receipt or packing slip within 30 days from your date of delivery for the exchange of a product of similar value. Please note that non-defective returns must be returned in new and unused condition along with its original packing materials. If the reason for a return is due to a defect in our manufacturing process, please email a message explaining the issue and a picture of the defective product to csr@dynamicdrinkware.com. If replacement tumblers are requested, they will be produced and shipped when the defective tumblers are returned to Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising 2676 S Oakwood Rd., Oshkosh, WI 54904. If the tumblers returned due to an incorrect design or related issue, please contact csr@dynamicdrinkware.com or call 888-825-9339.  Replacements for non-defective tumblers will be produced and shipped after the original tumblers are returned to us.  

Q: We’ve already submitted our Master Order, but we’re interested in ordering additional product. How do we place an additional order?

A: Please contact us directly to make an additional order at 888-825-9339 or email info@ddfundraising.com. Shipping will be waived on one additional order within 30 days of placing first order.

Q:  What if an item ordered is out of stock or discontinued?

A: Drinkware items ordered that are out of stock will be substituted with a Fundraising Card. The supporter who ordered the out of stock or discontinued item will be able to redeem the Fundraising Card for any of our drinkware designs/configurations on www.dynamiccups.com per the instructions on the back of the Fundraising Card they receive.