The Different Types of Drinkware

Different shapes and sizes come under the aspect of drinkware and, thus, creates variations. As a result, there are different types of drinkware, and choosing the same needs to be done after you understand all about it. So to get it all going, here are the many types of drinkware.

1. Tall Tumbler

With a capacity of 10 to 12 ounces, tall tumblers are the preferred options for drinks that usually require ice. But thanks to its capacity, you can also use the same for different purposes and carry forward with ease. As a result, fruit juices, soft drinks, and other related drinks can all be consumed with a tall tumbler.

Tall Tumbler

2. Short Tumbler

As the name suggests, a short tumbler is the complete opposite of a tall tumbler and comes forward with a minimum of 5 ounces. Due to that, you can use it to serve cocktails, whiskey on the rocks, soft drinks, or even milk. As various brands have their own take on the product, one can expect to witness variations that need to be considered before purchasing.

3. Red Wine Glass

A red wine glass is a typical luxury that you will find everywhere. As it can store up to 14 ounces, it is best suited to drink wine and avoid spillage. Thanks to its wider opening, the glass opens the door for a smoother taste that needs to be experienced by everyone. While they are more expensive than the rest, it is entirely worth it.

Red Wine Glass

4. White Wine Glass

The main difference between a red wine glass and a white wine glass is the fact that the latter can only store up to 12 ounces. Yes, that’s right. White wine glasses tend to have a smaller bowl, which is done to maintain the cool temperature of the drink. Moreover, the glass is also designed to prevent your hand from warming up the bowl and ruining things for the worse.

5. Cocktail Glass

One does not really have to go about explaining a cocktail glass because it is quite famous. The minimum and maximum capacity of 3 and 6 ounces, respectively, is what classifies these glasses and helps them be your cocktail glass. Since the mouth of the glass is wider, one can get a better sense of the whole drink and move forward to enjoy the same.

Cocktail Glass

6. Margarita Glass

Margarita glass is a favourite product that can easily store specific ingredients and complete the process with the capacity being 3 to 10 ounces. Since it is designed to have a wide rim, you can place salt or sugar all around the edges. As a result, your drink will be complete, and it will make way for a comfortable experience.

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