Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising has teamed up with The Miracle League to bring your team the greatest fundraiser. Here's how it works:

  1. Sell Fundraising Cards for $20 each.

  2. Keep $6.00 profit per Fundraising Card sold.

  3. Your supporters redeem their Fundraising Card for their favorite set of Full-Image® Tumblers at DynamicCups.com.

perks that you won't find with any other fundraiser

Custom Stores

Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising is now offering a professionally designed Custom Cup featuring your logo and colors as part of every Express and Direct fundraising program!

  • $6.00 profit per pack sold

  • Unique website to share through email and social media

  • Convenient home delivery



By completing a quick registration form, each participant will receive their own unique fundraising link to track their online sales. Participants can gain support from their friends and family by sharing their link through social media and email. Fundraising coordinators can track all sales for each participant through their very own fundraising portal.

MLB Baseball Fundraising Tumblers

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