Fundraising Card

Collect Orders. Deliver Cards. Done!

Direct Program

How it Works

Collect Orders – Participants collect Fundraising Card orders and payment - $20.00 per card - from supporters. Organization orders total number of Fundraising Cards sold from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising keeping $6.00 profit for every card purchased.

Deliver Cards – Organization receives Fundraising Cards and participants deliver individual orders to supporters.

DONE! – That’s it! Supporters redeem their Fundraising Cards online for their favorite set of Full-Image® Tumblers and we ship directly to their doorsteps!

 Direct Program Products

Design Collections

Three Great Options

 Full Image Tumblers Drinkware Set
Drinkware Set

- 22oz Tumbler
1 - 16oz Insulated Tumbler
1 - 50oz Stadium Cup

 Full Image Tumblers 2 Pack
Two Pack

 - 16oz Insulated Tumblers with lids

 Full Image Tumblers 4 Pack
Four Pack

- 22oz Tumblers



  Direct Program Info

Direct Program Info

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Express & Direct Catalog