Sales Tax FAQ for Classic Programs Only

1. Which states are required to pay sales tax for Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising? At this time the states listed below are required to pay sales tax. To visit your state’s Department of Revenue website, click on your state.

2. My state is listed above. How much is sales tax in my state? Please contact your state Department of Revenue. Simply click on your state to access information and sales tax rates.

3. Why is our organization being charged sales tax? States in which Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising has a presence have mandated that we collect sales tax.

4. Can our organization fill out a tax exemption form? There are multiple situations which allow you to fill out a tax exemption certificate. Each state taxes fundraisers and non-profit organizations differently. Check with your affiliate organization (PTA, PTO, Pop Warner, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, other youth sport organizations) to see if your organization is exempt from being charged sales tax. Go to your state Department of Revenue for guidance.

5. My organization does NOT have to pay sales tax, how do we fill out a Tax Exemption Certificate? When you start a fundraiser with Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising please contact our accounting department at 888-825-9339, we'll provide your organization with the appropriate Tax Exemption Certificate.

6. When and how does our organization pay sales tax? Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising has made the process simple. As you enter your Master Order, the sales tax will be calculated and will appear in the final amount due when you check out. Your final Master Order total will include the cost of cups ordered plus the cost of sample cups, if any, plus shipping costs, if any, plus sales tax, if applicable.

7. If we mail in the Master Order, how can we calculate the sales tax amount? If you are mailing in your Master Order, call our customer service representatives before you send it in, and assuming the Master Order total is correct, they will calculate the sales tax for your organization.

8. Will my organization’s order be held up if we do not pay the sales tax? Yes, we must collect the sales tax at the time of Master Order payment.

9. Is there sales tax on the sample cups? Yes, we are obligated to charge sales tax on any and all goods sold, unless there is a sales tax exemption certificate on file.

10. Who can our organization call or email with questions? IMPORTANT: Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising cannot give sales tax advice; contact your state’s Department of Revenue with questions. If your question is fundraising related, contact our customer service representatives at: 888-825-9339 or