Thank you for nominating a teacher!

Thank you to all who nominated teachers who have made a positive impact in the classroom and community. Nominations are now closed. We are preparing the limited edition Teacher Appreciation Tumblers. The tumblers will be shipped for estimated delivery May  7-11, 2018 (National Teacher Appreciation Week).

If you are a teacher who received a tumbler, be sure to let your nominator know that you received your tumbler by posting a selfie on Facebook and using the hashtag #TumblersforTeachers.

Check out some of the nominations we received below!

The 2018 Teacher Appreciation Tumbler Design!


Teacher Nominated: Shannon
School: Warren County High School
Nominated By: Wanda
Shannon has high expectations for her students and is always willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. Her compassion and dedication to her profession make her a wonderful teacher.

Teacher Nominated: Rebecca
School: James Masters Elementary
Nominated By: Victoria
Rebecca has dedicated herself to her classroom every day and she participates in numerous organizations in and out of the school environment. She serves actively on the PTO board, is in charge of the school Dribble team and strives to make sure the kids are a top priority. Rebecca is willing to give 110% at anytime and she is a partner to staff, students and parents.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Kidd
School: Harvard Elementary
Nominated By: Tonia
She always comes in with a smile on her face and does her best to make learning fun, despite some everyday educational obstacles. She's a fabulous teacher and she deserves this!

Teacher Nominated: Mozell
School: Twiggs County High School
Nominated By: Taquila
He is kind and knowledgeable! He understands the real agenda: feeding the mind and hearts of students. He loves CTAE and children!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Carter
School: Clark Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Carter is an excellent educator who goes above and beyond for scholars. She makes sure her students are able to excel above any learning barriers that may try to interfere with learning. She believes in mimicking students cultural learning styles to ensure that learning is meaningful and fun.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Tanaka
School: Jefferson Middle School
Nominated By: Stevie
Mr. Tanaka lets students know that they can depend not only on him in a classroom but outside the room also. Mr. Tanaka is a great teacher who is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. He possess good listening skills and take time out of their way-too-busy schedules for anyone who needs them. What a blessing he has been to be able to teach 3 of my boys!

Teacher Nominated: Melissa
School: Columbia Elementary
Nominated By: Steve
Melissa really cares for each and every child and is deserving of a special award for all that she does at Columbia!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Murray
School: Mitchell High School
Nominated By: Sherzard
Ms. Murray is an excellent teacher who goes the extra mile to make sure her students learn the materials. She does after school tutor and Saturday school tutoring to give them extra time to learn.

Teacher Nominated: Megan
School: Nicolet High School
Nominated By: Shelby
Megan goes above and beyond to motivate and inspire her students. She is spunky and funny and never afraid to go outside her comfort zone to get students excited about learning.

Teacher Nominated: Luanne
School: Medora Community School
Nominated By: Shawn
This teacher never has to raise her voice to get her students' attention. She also volunteers for the PTO. She is wonderful to work with, very helpful to everyone.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Fara
School: Gombert Elementary
Nominated By: Shavon
Mrs. Fara wakes something up in the kids that they don't even know they possess. My daughter has flourished in her class this year, thanks to her. She communicates very well with parents and not only the students, ensuring a smooth school year for all involved.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Johnson
School: Park Ridge
Nominated By: Shaun
Mr. Johnson shows dedication and love for his profession and his students by investing so much time and energy to ensure they have a great school day. He gives up his planning time and even his own family time to help our students. Mr. J is truly an inspirational leader and a top-notch educator.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Isom
School: Elm City Elementary
Nominated By: Sharon
Ms. Isom really pours all she has into teaching. Her students are her number one priority. She includes rigor in her teaching and makes sure that she not only teaches the curriculum, but also includes life lessons and skills necessary to promote 21st century learners and productive citizens.

Teacher Nominated: Tara
School: Ghent School
Nominated By: Shanna
Her involvement with the kids and PTA is so appreciated! Tara also has a fun, positive attitude and creative ideas that make it a real joy to have her involved!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Desforges
School: Neshobe School
Nominated By: Sarah-Lynne
Mrs. Desforges goes out of her way to make that special connection with all her students. I love how she mails them encouraging notes throughout the year to their home.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Harmon
School: Oakmont Elementary School
Nominated By: Sandra
Mr. Harmon is a very special and caring person. He is very patient, and makes sure every student is treated with respect and kindness.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Allen
School: Edna Rowe Elementary
Nominated By: Sandra
Ms. Allen has been a huge part of my daughter’s progress in all aspects of life. My daughter is autistic and has been with Ms. Allen for a couple of years now. Ms. Allen has allowed my daughter to come out of her shell. She is a great teacher and a great human being who cares and loves her students. We are very thankful to have her in our path through our journey.

Teacher Nominated: Sabrina
School: Skyline Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Always dedicated to her students, their needs, and the best way to reach a positive outcome.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Douglass
School: Gordon Elementary
Nominated By: Robin
Ms. Douglass takes time to truly engage with each of the kids in her classroom, and even those that aren’t. She supports many educational, community and national endeavors. Ms. Douglass is an avid supporter of our Gordon Goes Global (G3) project that has raised thousands of dollars to bring global literacy to local schools in our community, as well as, building libraries in a number of third world countries. Ms. Douglass encourages and provides children with confidence which empowers them to want to learn and do more academically. This is a challenging task, and yet Ms. Douglass is a master! Ms. Douglass also allows kids be kids and finds wonderful ways to make learning comprehendible and fun. She also works very closely with Gordon Elementary parents and attends every Parent-Teacher (PTO) meeting. Considering Mary left a prominent position as lawyer to become a teacher says a lot about her commitment to education.

Teacher Nominated: Susan
School: Vernon Middle School
Nominated By: Regina
Susan has been teaching for over 25 years. Her caring and love have strengthened many students lives and the lives of her colleagues. She is fearless, working with huge groups of kids, teaching songs, teaching piano, and working with our annual performing arts play.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Haraksin
School: Mountain View School
Nominated By: Raquel
Mrs. Haraksin Is an amazing teacher. She teaches TK and is also Mountain View’s folk dance teacher. She is a big support of our Parent Teacher Organization. She is an inspiration to everyone because she is always willing to help other specially, our students. Her priority is for the students to succeed in life with a good health, physical activity, and learning. She is always so positive and motivating. We are truly lucky to have her as a teacher!

Teacher Nominated: Miss Martin
School: Lawson Marriott
Nominated By: Paula
Miss Martin is very thorough in teaching our kids. She is diligent and holds all of the kids to a standard of excellence when it comes to learning. She devotes herself to making a positive impact in the lives of all of her students. She makes sure that no child is left behind academically. She really cares about her students.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Cowan
School: Sangamon Valley High School
Nominated By: Pam
Ms. Cowan is very involved with student organizations. She works with students who are behind in their work (whether they are her student or not) and puts in MANY extra hours planning and preparing. She spear-headed a campaign to raise funds to build a greenhouse so she can expand the horticulture curriculum. Ms. Cowan is a team player and a confident leade.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Lacy
School: Manor Lake Elementary
Nominated By: Nicole
Ms. Lacy has made so so many sacrifices for the children that she have taught and still are teaching. I know with all my heart this is her passion.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Davis
School: McAuliffe Elementary School
Nominated By: Nicole
Ms. Davis goes above and beyond for her kids. She recently won a grant for her class this past summer and also does our school's 22nd century after school and summer program throughout the year. She always is sending out reminders for the upcoming day or week on the remind app or she just wants the kids to know she hopes that have a great weekend. She gets to know her kids and how to help them learn better and to let them know she is there for them. She is always participating in the schools rallies ( such as the flash mob for their superhero day). Her smile lights up a room when she walks in and always has a smile on her face.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Hawkins
School: Master's Academy
Nominated By: Nancy
Mrs. Hawkins is dedicated and goes above and beyond - coming in early, staying late, and using her own funds to help the students learn hands on. She had the students create rockets and launch them, plant landscapings, and will be creating a butterfly garden!

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Schmitz
School: Falcon Creek Middle School
Nominated By: Molly
Mr. Schmitz just makes learning fun. He makes us think at high levels while being super funny as well. I love going to his class as he treats us like we are smart and good people.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Jesse
School: St Francis de Sales
Nominated By: Mollee
Mrs. Jesse always put her students' needs first. This year she took on a multi-age classroom. Stepping up to the challenge, she excelled. Having students of all ages with different education needs, she took classes, did her own research and made sure each child was getting the challenges they needed to continue moving their education forward. She then took on starting safety patrol at the school. Doing the training and then training the students. Mrs. Jesse is keenly aware of the needs of her students and makes sure all succeed. She is an alum of St Francis and continues to give back to our community, beginning with our most important members, the students.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Flory
School: Derby High School
Nominated By: Michael
Mr. Flory is more than an outstanding teacher. He is a friend, mentor, leader and coach. On the court, our boys hoops teams have had unprecedented success in his tenure. As a colleague, he is always willing to be creative and share with those around him. He is a tireless advocate of putting students first; putting their learning first over procedure and office politics. He is much younger than I, but I look up to him both as coach and colleague. He also has a passion for iced coffee, which would go well in one of your swell mugs!!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Dulaney
School: Hollywood Elementary School
Nominated By: Michael
Mrs. Dulaney always goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is constantly looking out and caring for the students in her classroom as she molds their minds with information.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Ward
School: Poughkeepsie High School
Nominated By: Melissa
Ms. Ward goes above and beyond for her students. Her care and compassion extends beyond the walls of her classroom. She devotes free time with her students and treats them as if they are her own children. She is a dynamic educator.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Kimble
School: Carlin Combined Schools
Nominated By: Melissa
Ms. Kimble is an inspiring and driven teacher. She provides so many opportunities to students through the extracurricular STEM Club. Ms. Kimble is especially talented at networking, connecting, and developing relationships with industry leaders to provide students with information about STEM careers and educational paths.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Balli
School: West Side Elementary
Nominated By: Melissa
This is Mrs. Balli’s first year at our school. She has been a great asset and always shows a positive attitude. She is always rewarding the children for positive behavior and good job on their work.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Hedges
School: Millersport High School
Nominated By: Megan
Mrs. Hedges is patient, kind, and works hard everyday to help her students be successful.

Teacher Nominated: Jennifer
School: Yorkville Middle School
Nominated By: Megan
Jennifer is one of the most caring individuals I know. She works with students that are in special education, as well as, students who don't speak English. She meets the needs of her advance class and tailors her lesson for those who struggle. She is a true saint and loved by everyone.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Parker
School: Carson Street Elementary STEAM Academy
Nominated By: Maria
Mr. Parker is a great teacher because he teaches from the heart and is constantly reflecting and improving his teaching practice. He has allowed his first graders to partner up with my kindergarteners to be our reading buddies for the past few years. I truly enjoy working with Mr. Parker and bouncing ideas off each other.

Teacher Nominated: Melanie
School: Basis
Nominated By: Marci
Amazing attention to detail and appropriate strategy application on the spot for master teaching! She loves her students and is amazing at what she does!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Boulis
School: Sacred Heart Academy Elementary School
Nominated By: Marcella
Mrs. Boulis is a great teacher because she cares about her students. She always refers to them as 'her kids'. It's not just a job for her. She teaches to help children prepare themselves for the future.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Valenti
School: Highlands High School
Nominated By: Malinda
Mr. Valenti is always willing to help those students that need the extra help. If a student needs to talk Mr. Valenti is always there to listen. Mr. Valenti is always going the extra mile to help around the school. Staying after hours or going in before school to help assist when needed. He is an excellent role model.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Ruffin
School: Southpoint Academy
Nominated By: M
Mrs. Ruffin is a dedicated hard worker and goes beyond the call of duty.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Hogan
School: Washington School
Nominated By: Loretta
Ms. Hogan has a lot of patience with the children and is very responsive to parents when they have any concerns.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Stephenson
School: Wayside:REAL Learning Academy
Nominated By: Lisa
Mrs. Stephenson has this magic ability to teach kids on the level they are at. She reaches them through many different techniques and helps them to really master the subject being taught.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Stotlar
School: Fox Meadow
Nominated By: Lindsay
Thanks for helping teach Eliza to be a better reader.

Teacher Nominated: Coach Lerma
School: Mission Veterans Memorial
Nominated By: Leticia
Coach Lerma is passionate about teaching and coaching. She is able to relate with her students. This allows her to set high expectations as she encourages them not to settle for less than their best.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Staggs
School: Woodland Hills Elementary
Nominated By: Leslie
She is passionate about helping the kids learn and goes out if her way to help them and love them as her own!!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Motsenbocker
School: Grissom Elementary
Nominated By: LeAnne
Ms. Motsenbocker is the most selfless person I've ever met. She always does anything and everything she can to help. She's also the go-to person when somebody needs cheered up. She is absolutely amazing at making every single child know how special they truly are. Words cannot express how amazing Ms. Motsenbocker is.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Pickard
School: Eura Brown
Nominated By: Kellie
Ms. Pickard goes above and beyond for her students. Her classroom is a place where the students love to be because they get to let their creativity shine. She also organized systemwide events. She is a hard worker and the kids love her!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Jackson
School: Carolina Beach Elementary School
Nominated By: Kaylie
Kindergarten is a tough grade with students at such varied levels of maturity, energy and education and Mrs. Jackson is amazing at juggling it all! She passionately believes in all her students and strives for their success. My son, Danny, is thriving and I have Mrs. Jackson to thank for that!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Peterson
School: Lincoln Elementary School
Nominated By: Karri
Ms. Peterson goes above and beyond her role to make sure our children are well rounded in school. She is upfront honest and extremely helpful in many ways.

Teacher Nominated: Mary
School: Luhr Elementary
Nominated By: Karen
Mary is such a dynamic teacher. She is do dedicated and provides great learning experiences for our ESL students. She not only helps them in school but out of school and with projects and keeping them active participants in our school community.

Teacher Nominated: Jenn
School: Heaven’s Little Helpers
Nominated By: Julie
She makes learning so much fun. The love and joy that she shares with each of her kids is amazing.

Teacher Nominated: Julie
School: Aloe Elementary School
Nominated By: Her husband :o)
As the PTO President, I'm nominating my wife Julie. She not only runs the computer lab at Aloe. She also does anything asked by the Administrators. She is also my right hand and helps me out with my PTO duty when I can't due to my job. She will make flyers, talk to the admins and help organize functions because running a PTO is a team effort to make it work. People don't realize how many hours it takes to run a PTO, so she is right there with me to make the PTO run smooth. We do it for the kids!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Garza
School: Deepwater Elementary
Nominated By: Joy
She is able to teach students in two languages in all subjects.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Lizardi
School: Sycamore Academy
Nominated By: Johnny
Mrs. Lizardi goes above and beyond for her students. She genuinely care's for her students.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Bishop
School: Franklin Elementary
Nominated By: Jessica
Mrs. Bishop always makes learning fun. She has great activities for the kids, they have lots of fun while learning in the process.

Teacher Nominated: Desiree-Dawn Ashton
School: Thomas Hart Benton Elementary
Nominated By: Jennifer
DD always makes sure every student gets what they need to be successful. She is constantly pushing herself to give all that she can to unsure each child meets their full potential.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Joy
School: Fiest Elementary
Nominated By: Jennifer
Her name says it all! It can not be easy wrestling a bunch of 3rd graders. She always does it with a sweet smile on her face!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Vazquez
School: Northgate Crossing Elementary
Nominated By: Jennifer
She is a wonderful teacher who is loved by students and parents alike for her amazing personality and dedication to the success of her students.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Jackson-Walker
School: College Park Elementary School
Nominated By: Janett
Understanding, patient, kind, caring, efficient, proficient, pioneering spirit, parent advocate, discreet, dedicated, lifelong learner and an educational cheerleader.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Linville
School: St. Louis Catholic School
Nominated By: Jane
Mrs. Linville deeply cares about her students as individuals. She understands they all have their strengths and weaknesses and does her best to help each one. The kids absolutely love her classroom and feel like it is a second home for them. Her door is always open for parents or students to ask questions, need advice, etc. I am so happy my son has her as a third grade teacher!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Haung
School: Lomita Magnet
Nominated By: Gloria
It is just amazing to see this teacher and relationship she has with her students, always easy to talk to and my daughter just adores her.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Brewster
School: Lilla G Frederick Pilot Middle School
Nominated By: Gloria
Mr. Brewster goes beyond the call of duty. He embodies what a true leader and teacher should be. He sets expectations, while embedding wisdom, knowledge, and challenging them to reach higher limits. He freely gives of himself to establish and build lasting relationships. His spiritual foundation is a mark of powerful influence to the youth. As someone who wittiness the daily positive food given to each youth he encounters. He is a remarkable young man. He don't look for recognition but so rightly deserves it. Watching his interaction gives me hope for our young men.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Ryan
School: Sandia Base Elementary
Nominated By: Francine
Mrs. Ryan truly loves each and every one of her students. As they grow with each grade she is very encouraging to them. She strives to better their education even when they are no longer in her class.

Teacher Nominated: Katelyn
School: St. John’s Lutheran School
Nominated By: Faith
Katelyn worked hard to develop curriculum that teaches 3 and 4 year olds effectively. She fully prepares them for kindergarten above and beyond. She’s not only an amazing teacher, but she loves and cares deeply about each student and their development. Most importantly, she makes sure each child knows how much Jesus love them and what he did for them.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. French
School: Woodlawn Elementary
Nominated By: Erica
Ms. French is kind an patient with her students. Her teaching methods are effective because the children in her intervention classroom have grown, academically at a fast pace. She also attends the students activities to show her support. She has a team attitude with faculty, parents and students and doesn't come off intimidating. I am glad she is at Woodlawn.

Teacher Nominated: Amy
School: The New Haven School
Nominated By: Emily-Ann
Amy is my team teacher. I learn so much from her and she inspires me to be a better teacher every day.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Dennis
School: Etiwanda Colony
Nominated By: Emily
Mrs. Dennis genuinely cares for every student that comes through her door. She has passion and love in her heart. She made my son, who was having some personal problems, feel safe and happy to be in her class. He has so much love for her. She is patient, fair, kind and never yells or makes her students feel scared or uneasy. She is the type of teacher that my son and I will never forget. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Walker
School: Mount Nittany Middle School
Nominated By: Elizabeth
I always look forward to going to science class. Mr. Walker makes the class fun and exciting. Mr. Walker is very interactive, and makes me enjoy science class more than I already do.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Aponte
School: Hunting Park Christian Academy
Nominated By: Doris
She is always there ready to lend a hand. Ms. Aponte always does her job with a smile and has a genuine love for her students.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Stubblefield
School: Maple Grove Elementary
Nominated By: Donna
Does everything for anything.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Robonson
School: Union Elementary
Nominated By: Denise
Patient, kind, very sweet and kind teacher.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Saenz
School: Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Nominated By: Denise
Mr. Saenz is an amazing teacher who goes the extra mile for every student!

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Hersey
School: Trinity Christian Academy
Nominated By: Debra
All the students at Trinity love Mr. Hersey. He is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to use his military experience to make history interesting and engaging for the students. Although he is a great disciplinarian, the students know that he cares about them individually.

Teacher Nominated: Wendy
School: Lifestyle Christian School
Nominated By: Darell
Wendy is a very hard worker. She is tentative to every student's needs and provides extra help for students struggling but trying. She keeps up with trends and keeps the students focused and interested in their work. I love the way she keeps her classroom decorated with things to help keep the kids stimulated. She's a great teacher.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Brinkman
School: Unionville Sebewaing Area Elementary
Nominated By: Danielle
She is very dedicated to teaching and she shares a very unique bond with each of her students.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Wright
School: Circleville Elementary
Nominated By: Carrie
While my son was in Children’s Hospital in December for 2 weeks, Mr. Wright made sure Andrew was aware his classmates where thinking of him. Many sent cards and messages. It made our stay less stressful knowing everyone was thinking of us and taking time out of their day to send us good thoughts.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Haggerman
School: Fowler Elementary
Nominated By: Callista
He is very positive and works hard to educate ALL students and make them feel special.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Smith
School: Blennerhassett Middle School
Nominated By: Brianna
Mr. Smith is a special education teacher and also the football, wrestling, and track coach. He encourages every child in the classroom and also during sports. He helps build their self-worth. He truly cares about all the students he comes into contact with!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Weaver
School: Spring Hills School
Nominated By: Bri
Mrs. Weaver is the kindest and most caring teacher! She’s a dream teacher for my daughter. She shows kindness and compassion on a daily basis and has given my daughter more confidence than she’s ever had in reading. She challenged her by believing in her.

Teacher Nominated: Kim
School: Lake Superior Elementary School
Nominated By: Betty
Kim is a great teacher because she gets kids excited about reading!

Teacher Nominated: Jillian
School: Delk-Henson Intermediate School
Nominated By: Ava
She has the most hard to handle children as far as discipline and the ones that have the most severe disabilities. She handles it all so well and always has a smile on her face.

Teacher Nominated: Pam
School: St Anthony of Padua School
Nominated By: Ashley
She is funny and makes learning fun. She is kind and treats all of us like we’re her kids.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Garza
School: Potranco Elementary
Nominated By: April
Mrs. Garza goes above and beyond to help her students. She is one of the nicest teachers my children have ever had. She deserves to be recognized for being an outstanding teacher.

Teacher Nominated: Tanya
School: Rawlins Elementary School
Nominated By: Anthony
She cares so much about her students and she does whatever it takes for them to be successful and love school.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Myres
School: Bryant Elementary
Nominated By: Amber
Ms. Myres works so well with her students. She does an amazing job of prepping our kids to move on to middle school.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Sword
School: Addison Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
For the compassion and energy to teach young minds.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Seddon
School: EBF Jr/Sr High
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. Seddon is a pioneer in the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in the state of Iowa. She provides her students innovative experiences while promoting three dimensional learning. She goes above and beyond to help her students be successful, both in and out of her classroom.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Charles
School: Palmer Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is a great teacher because she has a love for teaching and it shows every day! My son has impulse control issues and she is patient, kind, loving, and respectful to him, all the students in her class and to me as a parent. All of us work together to give my son the best possible year he can have and I am very grateful for her.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Smolek
School: Norton Creek Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She teaches on the students level. Challenges their decisions.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Camara
School: South Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She treats the students with respect. They know that she is always available for extra help or if they need someone to talk to. As a co-worker she is always available day or night. Kristen is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with in my career.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Ashford
School: Mitchell High School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. Ashford makes extra time for her students to learn by being available after school and on Saturday for tutoring and to allow students extra time to make up missing assignments.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Campbell
School: East Hickman Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Campbell is the most caring and loving teacher. She treats her students like her own children. She not only teaches the children the basics they need to succeed in school, she also teaches each child how how to be a good person. She continues to care and love each student even after he/she has left her classroom.

Teacher Nominated: Mr. Bivens
School: Fountain Valley High School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mr. Bivens has always been a positive teacher and coach for my son Donnie. On and off the track field.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Randolph
School: Saint Patrick School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is a great teacher, making these kiddos smarter every day! Challenging them daily, and pushing them to be strong individuals!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Soileau
School: Marcia Houtz
Nominated By: Anonymous
Awesome teacher and person!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Sams
School: Isaac Gourdine Middle School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. Sams is a great teacher because she gives her all even when she does not want to. Despite the conditions of the school, she comes to work and does all that she can. Ms. Sams spends her time ensuring she reaches each of her students by building a rapport with them. She encourages and lets them know they can do whatever they put their minds too. Each student that comes in contact with her is lucky to have her as their teacher.

Teacher Nominated: Victoria
School: Atwater Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Victoria is a very dedicated and loving teacher who has a very diverse classroom. She serves the younger ESE population at our school. She has 7 full time students. one K, two 1st grade, one 2nd grade, and three 3rd grade students all at varying educational levels. She also has multiple push in students for math and reading. Her numbers vary daily and can reach numbers as high as 15. She does have an aide, who is also wonderful but could use some extra support and encouragement. If something she needs is not available she will purchase it out of her own money without a second thought.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Banks
School: Rutherford High School
Nominated By: Anonymous
For her compassion and “belief” in each and every kid!!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Wells
School: Palmetto Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
She works long hour without pay. Buy things the children need. Always there to help the child or parent. Never says "no" to a child or parent.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Clark
School: L J Alleman
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Clark is an excellent teacher. She makes learning fun daily. It is never boring!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Young
School: Roosevelt Corridor Career Business Academy
Nominated By: Anonymous
When you are a middle school student and you have a teacher that you can laugh with and learn from all at the same time, that makes a great teacher and mentor. Ms. Young is both of those. She never hesitates to lend a hand to our PTA and to her students. Every time I see her, no matter how busy; she is always smiling. As a parent that dedication to her work makes me know our students receive her best every day!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Davis
School: Fay Galloway
Nominated By: Anonymous
She cares about her students and is truly invested in their learning.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Sally
School: Woodland West Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Sally goes above and beyond for anyone she comes in contact with. She will do whatever it takes to help another person. She makes learning fun and the kids love her. She has been teaching for 25 years. Everyone knows and loves Mrs. Sally.

Teacher Nominated: Kara
School: Liberty Christian School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Kara takes the time to really get to know each student. She cares deeply for them and wants to ensure their success. Kara is always looking for ways to better the middle school and is a great champion for our school.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. McSheehy
School: Townsend Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is a wonderful teacher! She took time out of her busy schedule to attend my son's basketball game. She cares about her students and strives to build her students up to be the best they can be.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Carter
School: Forest Oak Middle School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Carter goes above and beyond to help students, especially students that are not in her class but need extra help. My daughter has been struggling this last quarter in algebra and Mrs. Carter has gone above and beyond to explain the material even though my daughter is not one of her students. She has offered a test review session prior to a big test because so many kids are going to her classroom for assistance.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Sanders
School: Hannan Trace Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is totally dedicated to her students achieving success! She works long hours and spends so much time on her lessons and interventions. She wants to assure that each child can achieve greatness.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Boley
School: Trabuco Mesa Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. Boley is the sweetest, most loving teacher to her whole class and makes learning fun! Her kids are so lucky to have her.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Litherland
School: Mount Carmel Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is such a great teacher with kids. She comes early to school to help kids. Who has a hard time with math or reading or any kinds of work. She pays for a lot of things out of her pocket with out asking for any money or anything from parents.

Teacher Nominated: Victoria
School: Atwater Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Victoria is amazing. She throws a birthday party for each of her students. They all garden, then she makes salsa with the vegetables for her students to give to their moms for Mother's Day gifts. Whatever the holiday, Victoria's room explodes with joy. She welcomes every child as if she hasn't seen them for years. She does a weekly recipe class introducing writing with the making of awesome treats. You have to love Victoria because she rocks! :o)

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Galbraith
School: Brookwood Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs. Galbraith goes above and beyond for her students and the school. She has spent countless hours completing seminars and classes to bring an improved reading program to the school. Additionally, she takes the time to find reading material that will challenge her students but will also keep them engaged. She tries multiple strategies to get her students to read and write to their fullest potential. She's always willing to talk to and help parents. She's truly an asset to the school and community and I hope we are fortunate enough to have a second child go through her room.

Teacher Nominated: Cheritt
School: Winans
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is wonderful with her students and always will to help with things that are happening in general with the kids. This is my second year with her with my 2nd son in her class. She is just an amazing teache

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. McGaffigan
School: Christa McAuliffe
Nominated By: Anonymous
This is our first year with Mrs. McGaffigan and my daughter can not get enough of her. She loves her teaching style and how she creates a way for each student to learn the lesson. Earlier this year she was in a horrible car accident, but she made it through and even came back to school sooner than expected because she missed her class and teaching young minds. She taught these kids that nothing can keep you down. She is very active and is always finding ways for her class to move and be active while still learning in fun and new ways. She is truly a survivor and hero to those in her class and deserves the recognition.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Jones
School: Frank Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is a great teacher because she believes in all of the students and they do their best because they know they can fail and still have another chance to be a success.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Mullis
School: Frank Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is a very caring teacher who puts the students needs above all else. She is structured and organized in order to give students an environment to feel safe in. The students feel comfortable enough to open up and try things in order to learn. She rocks!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Stackpoole
School: Oxbow Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
What can I say?! Mrs. Stackpoole is absolutely wonderful! She is so kind and caring and inspires the same in her students every day. She is always smiling and goes above and beyond daily to ensure students' success!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. McClaskey
School: Beechwood Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Most caring heart, loves childre.

Teacher Nominated: Megan
School: Bridgeport
Nominated By: Anonymous
Megan is kind and caring to all of our students. She is always willing to help them or their family with any need they have. Her willingness to take on additional tasks for the good of the building without hesitation is a great model for all staff to strive for!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Mullis
School: Frank Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. Mullis has a wonderful connection to each of her students. Her classroom is a very inviting and fun atmosphere.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Boley
Stonewall Jackson High School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Wanda Boley is one of the greatest choral directors I have ever seen. Her school's demographics have changed and her choirs have gone from 365 down to less than 200. She still continues to win awards at Festivals all over the country. One of her choirs sang at the Vatican in 2007. She makes her kids believe they can do things they were never thought possible before. She is retiring this year after 38 years of teaching. SJHS will miss her dearly. She is so very dedicated to her craft and it shows on the stage at every performance. Ms. Boley found her calling in teaching and there are many successful young adults because of her today. Everyone at SJHS appreciates Wanda Boley.

Teacher Nominated: Stephanie
School: Frank Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Steph goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students. She advocates for them and collaborates with colleagues to ensure they receive the best education as possible. I’ve seen all of my students who receive speech therapy progress in ways I never imagined they were capable of. Way to go Steph!

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. Carter
School: Cooleemee Elementary School
Nominated By: Anonymous
Mrs Carter is always challenging her students to learn more and excel in everything they do. She loves Stem and getting all kids involved in this.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Lawyer
School: Cedar Grove Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
She is wonderful with the kids and helps them. My two kids love when she is with their class.

Teacher Nominated: Mrs. DeBrabander
School: Winans
Nominated By: Anonymous
Ms. D is exceptionally talented at creating meaningful relationships with her kids and because she’s a gym teacher she has some 500 + students! She is a favorite teacher across school buildings and her enthusiasm and love for the kids is palpable. We are incredibly lucky to have her in our school district!

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Trinidad
School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Nominated By: Anonymous
She has a positive outlook on the needs of the students. Hardworking and always geared to student-oriented lessons, hands-on activities. Her drive to lead the youth of the next generation is phenomenal in the eyes of her colleagues, by nominating her for the professional of the year.

Teacher Nominated: Katelynn
School: Frank Elementary
Nominated By: Anonymous
Katelynn believes ALL children can learn and succeed. She holds high expectations for all students and helps to guide them to achieve their goals.

Teacher Nominated: Ms. Shavnore
School: Liggett Trail Education Center
Nominated By: Anonymous
Being able to take care and guide kiddos that not everyone has the patience for. It is truly amazing what she does every day.

Thank you to all of our nominators who took the time to acknowledge wonderful teachers in our communities.

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